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reach wonderful places

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Tour De Israel - is a portal for trips and guided tours in Israel, Jordan, and Sinai.
The tourism portal comes to bring you all the options for tours and trips on dates, places and budget that suits you. All the road guides who advertise on the site are certified road guides who were chosen very carefully and approved by us.

The trips are intended for independent travelers, families and groups in all areas of the country from Eilat to Hermon, by sea, by air and on land, on foot, by bicycle, or by car, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You can
Build customized tours that will meet exactly your wishes and requirements, customized tours for the family, for an individual or for a son/bat mitzvah.
A variety of trips and a variety of itineraries on many topics such as: Bible stories, Christianity, Islam, history and archeology, nature and sustainability, graffiti tours, nightlife, boutique tours and more.
Tour guide service in a variety of languages for: tourists, businessmen, VIPs and guests. Hebrew and English

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